Quadplane 4+1VTOL, transition phase throttle too high?

Everybody is good!I tested a 4+1 VTOL, but in the manual mode, the conversion throttle is normal, but in the automatic route mode, the multi-rotor to fixed-wing phase, the multi-rotor throttle suddenly too large, there is a peak.Is there any parameter adjustment to reduce this peak?

Do you have any parameters to control the 4+1 multi-rotor fixed wing, throttle scaling parameters?

I know that 2+2 VTOL has parameters for throttle scaling, does 4+1?

Yes, it is THR_MAX. If it is set to 100, try using 75.

I have not seen these parameters before. Perhaps they are new.


Read this section of the wiki: https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/quadplane-flying.html#transition
it discusses this subject