Quadcopter yaw help

Hi everyone

I have a big problem. My custom made copter starts to yaw with a slow rate but does not stop yawing.

this is the link of my last flight log:

I crash landed at the end so the big jumps in some parameters is probably from that.

please let me know what do you think about my situation and how can I stop this. I am thinking about adding some D to the yaw controller.
Thanks for your help!

If you look at RCOUT for C1 (motor 1) C2 (motor 2), C3 (motor 3), and C4 (motor 4), motors 1 and 2 are increasing in RPM while motors 3 and 4 are decreasing. Either you have the motor orders/spin directinons wrong, or you have rudder (yaw) reversed in the radio…

Thanks @oldgazer1 for your reply.

I think the C3 and C4 reducing RPM is because I was trying to fight the yaw.

Can you please have a look at this log as well:

I did not fight yaw in this one.

Many thanks!