QuadCopter takeoff issue

i am using copter-4.0.1 version on a quadcopter, i am facing trouble when taking off my quadcopter, i am flying and controlling quadcopter using a self made GUI(GCS) which sends mavlink commands to a companion computer mounted and attached to quadcopter, also using RTK Here+ GPS.

So, when i power on the copter, its mean sea level(MSL) height starts to vary. Before sending the taking off command if its mean sea level height increases by 3-4 meters then my quadcopter does not takes off upto that height. Like after powering on, if its mean sea level height increases by 4 meters, then after that if i send takeoff command to take off at 4 meters or less height then copter does not takeoff at all, but if i give it 5 meters takeoff command then it does takes off to exactly 5 meters.

I want to remove that dependency of change in mean sea level(MSL) height to takeoff copter. I have used many previous versions of copter firmware like copter-3.3, copter-3.4.6 and copter 3.6.4 but i have not faced this issue/dependency of variance of mean sea level height to takeoff copter.

Please suggest something to remove this mean sea level(MSL) height dependency to takeoff copter in firmware version copter-4.0.1

Please update to Copter 4.0.2 there is a bug that got fixed there.

thanks, it seems that issue has been resolved on copter version 4.0.2