Quadcopter suddenly fails mid-flight

Good day all, please i am new to flying quadcopters, but i enjoy Pixhawk so much. However there seems a lot to learn.
My quadcopter (F450) suddenly went into a spin, mid-air, and crashed. I suspect one of the motors stopped, or maybe faulty ESC. Please i need some help with my log file to ascertain what really happened. I dont want to guess. Any help is appreciated.

@Wan_Zay, this log file doesn’t show that it was flying. It looks like a few seconds of being on the ground. Perhaps you should search for the right log, and post that one.

These are all the log files from that day, excluding the one i already posted. Please can you tell me what parameters or values you read off the log to determine that it didnt even fly? Again, please bear with me, i very new to this. Thanks a lot.

There is not much right with this craft. The levels of vibration are very high which caused a Vibration Compensation Failsafe. It would appear that you had a loss of thrust on Motor 3. And it doesn’t look like you followed the Initial Tuning parameters guide, everything is at default.

BTW-You can tell the craft was not flying in the previous log because there were no motor outputs. Suggested reading before flying again:

Or just start at the introduction to Copter and read all of it.

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Thank you, Dave, in my eagerness to fly I overlooked necessary reading. Ok, I will start from the start, work on reducing vibrations, Auto-tune, and give it another go.
Can you suggest material to better help analyze log files?
Thanks a lot for the feedback.