Quadcopter spins out of control

Hey guy´s,

i´m very new to this forum and quadcopters. i was hoping you could help me out with a problem i´ve been having.

I recently built my own quad but it has been acting up.

When i´m flying and i make a agressive direction change the quad begins to oscillate and Yaw violently and its starts spinning out of control. and it becomes almost impossible to fly.
i´ve been chewing through logs but i can´t seem to find it.

i´ve added the log file

I hope you guy´s could help me to figure this out :slight_smile:



To me, it looks like you have no GPS, are you on an APM2.0 board with Internal GPS?
It looks like you have no data from your GPS, and quite similar to this issue:
Look into that logfile.
You are not logging the IMU, so it’s not easy to determine why this happens at around t=3000