Quadcopter rotating clockwise slightly while take off

I recently built a F450 Quadcopter. I am using APM 2.8 as my flight controller and flashed it with 3.2.1 firmware. I am using flysky fs-i6 transmitter with iA6b receiver . The problem I am facing is that when I take off my Quadcopter it slightly rotates clockwise very slightly but the rotation is noticeable. I try to correct it direction but after some time it again rotates clockwise slightly. I have completely and successfully calibrated the APM , transmitter and compass. Plzz help I am facing this issue since long. Thanks in advance

If you post a log file from the flight controller we will have some information to help analyse your problem.
Make sure you have full logging turned on.

A couple of possible causes:

  1. The quad is misbalanced and the weight on one side is causing the aircraft to “list” or lean a little bit causing it to yaw.
  2. The motors are not all in the same flat plane. One is tilted ever so slight causing the aircraft to once again drift on the yaw axis.

I seriously don’t know anything about log files. Which all log files do I have to provide.?? And how can I turn on full logging.???

So how can I fix this problem I would be very grateful for the solution. !!!

  1. Balance the aircraft.
  2. Make sure all the motors are in the same plane.

how u fix that problem? i have same issue now

I was unable to fix the issue. I upgraded to Pixhawk and the problem got fixed.

Check your RC transmitter yaw channel trim. Make sure it is set to zero. An recalibrate the RC.