Quadcopter project for sending documenta

Good afternoon. I’m from Venezuela.

Right now I’m about to make my final project (thesis) to obtain an engineering degree in computer science.

My project is to get a quadcopter that can fly autonomously and go from one point to another, carrying documents.

During the research I’ve done, I’ve seen that should I use APM due to the autopilot and set paths with some software like Mission Planner.

The most important question I have is whether I should build a quadcopter from scratch, or buy a quadcopter that comes integrated with APM.

In this case I choose the second option, Where I can get a quadcopter with integrated APM and can carry sufficient weight to the documents?

Excuse my English.

obviously, you must be a time traveller, wanting to use modern technology to move ancient paper/papyrus scrolls instead of using email like we do in 2014.

Anyway - you may use store.3drobotics.com/products/iris

You do not specify weight, but please make sure your master/King/royal writer refrain from using heavy wooden or solid gold rollers, or this project may not fly, and you can loose your head for disappointing your ancient masters.

It can certainly be done, provided the weight of the cocuments is not too great. let us know what kind of weight you want to move, and we might be better able to recommend a particular copter.

The question of whether to buy something built or build something is a matter of balancing money with time. Anyone could figure out how to build one eventually, and could expect it to cost them less if they did it well. However, it might take longer than you want, so buying something already built is likely a good option for you on a timed project.