Quadcopter Kakute F7 AIO

I m building a foldble quadcopter with kakute F7 AIO and ARDUCOPTER for fishing/bait drone

The quad will be a 550 with foldble arms
I have uploaded the ARDUCOPTER 3.7 on kakute

Hardware I m going to use

Kakute F7 AIO
Hobbywing xrotor 40A
Sunnysky 4010 450kv
13*5.5 props
6s battery
M8N GPS BN 880
Holybro tellemetry 500mv
Frsky Xsr
Frsky Qx7
Servo for bait

IMG_20190320_015343|640x480 IMG_20190322_020547


IMG_20190326_023550 IMG_20190326_023558 IMG_20190326_023656 IMG_20190326_023706

Great build. I’d suggest to NOT mount FC directly to the frame though (I made the same mistake) - even if IMU is on its own piece of foam you’ll get a lot of vibrations (I did).

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Thank you!
I have it on vibration stand off


I have finish the servo for bait so in the next few days I will have the test flight

First flight success

Kakute F7 AIO
HOBBYWING 40A xrotor
Sunnysky 4010 450kv
13x5.5 props
6s battery 5200 mAh.
Flight time 19 minutes

The build has completed

It’s a bait drone!!!

Kakute F7 AIO
Sunnysky 4010 450kv
Hobbywing 40A ESC
13*5.5 props

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Hello Bro -
Great build. I have a question. Which (if any) GPS unit are you using with your Kakute f7 AIO fc?