Quadcopter issue

Can you guys help me?
Ok so my school is doing this UAS4STEM thing that the AMA sponsors the quadcopter is called quadzilla and we are having an issue getting this thing off the ground it powers up arms and disarms but when you give it throttle the props spin but not fast enough to take off and the throttle control is terrible when you first go to give it throttle it starts spinning but when you increase the throttle the motors don’t increase with and decrease with your throttle adjustments it’s like there is only one fixed throttle setting now we don’t know if this is an arducopter issue or an issue with our transmitter setting the transmitter is a futaba 8j radio I’m a spectrum guy and have no idea how to program this futaba

any help is appreciated thanks

Here’s a link if it helps: amablog.modelaircraft.org/uas4stem/

BTW I’m new here on this forum :smiley:

I’m going to assume you have double checked the wiki and then double checked it again.

Particularly in the calibration of the radio and direction of prop rotation.

Is you battery new? Has it been handled well (not left to discharge too much)

So many questions so little time! The AMA must have made the correct hardware choices so it must be something simple.

Can you post up your log?

At a guess, its your esc’s not being calibrated, radio isnt calibrated, or being in an altitude controlled throttle mode and the gains arent set correctly (or your not raising the stick about 50% - Hover)