Quadcopter has some slight wobble

Good morning friends,
after various adjustments and tests I found this setup of my IMU. I would like to ask you if further improvement is possible. The quadcopter is stable even when I move the sticks deeply but has some slight wobble. Do you have any advice for me?

My setup is:
Frame: 450mm
Type: quadcopter
Motors: 1250KV
Propellers: 8X4,5X3
Battery: (6s 2400Mah)
Arducopter v.: 4.1.2

You would need to post a .bin log file for anyone to help. We need to see the wobble through the data supplied by the log.

But first, have you set all the initial parametera?
You can use the missionplanner helper tool to do so under the mandatory hardware section. That’s the first step before any flights.

Next would be the dynamic notch filter and the ACCZ alt.hold parameters to tune. After that, you can continue with actual PID tuning.

And updating to ArduCopter 4.3.5 is also a very good idea.

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I would try to go down to 6" or 7" props… Agree about updating the firmware.