Quadcopter: Full Carbon Fibre body, Folding Arms, Multirotor x 4 with Carry Case and Futaba 14SG 14-Channel 2.4GHz. $1500 ono

RC and Pixhack need reconfiguring, was used as a mapping drone. Good condition.

Can you give any more specs of the electronics? Where are you located?

Located Durban South Africa, will send full specs un the morning.

Anton Botha
Gis & GPS Solutions

Full Carbon Fibre body, Folding Arms, Multirotor x 4
Span motor to motor 0.73m
Weight 3.96kg, MTOW 6.5kg
4 x Sunnysky 4112S brushless motors
Extra props
Custom made carry case

Pixhack V3:
Main processor: STM32F427 V3
Coprocessor: STM32F1
Support remote control signal: PPM/SBUS/DSM
Fower supply redundancy: Support 3 channels redundancy
6* 3 groups of IMU, Support PX4/APM software
Support fixed wing/multirotor 3-8 axis/helicopter/car/boat
Sensor L3GD20 3-axis Accelerometer
LS303D Accelerometer+Magnetic meter
Ms5611 Barometer
MPU600 gyroscope+ Accelerometer
MPU9250 Accelerometer+gyroscope+Magnetic meter
Ms5611 Barometer
Parameter Shell material: CNC aluminum alloy
Working temperature: -10~55 degree C
PWM output IO: 13, Mavlink seriel port: 2
Support GPS:2, Debug interface: 1
I2C interface2, CAN interface1
Support smart battery
HackLink : Support
Built in shock proof

Futaba 14SG 14-Channel 2.4GHz Computer Radio System
Channels: 12 proportional, 2 switched.
Free user-updatable software.
30-model memory.
10-character user naming.
10-character model naming.
Airplane, helicopter and glider programming.
Large, 1.75” x 3” backlit LCD screen with 128 x 64 resolution.
SensorTouch™ programming.
Excellent Condition.