Quadcopter Flips Right during Lift Off

I have done just about everything I could find to get my quadcopter flying. It is now leaning right during take off, and flips, preventing take off.
Can someone please point out what I am missing or doing wrong?


  • QAV500 V2 with 540mm Arms
  • Lumenier FX4006-13 740kV Motors * Lumenier 30A ESC with SimonK Firmware
  • Pixhawk FC with uBox GPS
  • HQ 12x4.5 Props

I have already:

  • Calibrated Pixhawk, including updating firmware, calibrating accelerometers, gyroscopes, RC controller, and selecting quad type/motor layout
  • Pixhawk Motor tests * Calibrating ESCs
  • Props are pushers for CW and pullers for CCW
  • Checked rotation CW/CCW for each motor
  • Pixhawk is in correct orientation

Thanks everyone.

Have you checked your flight modes? Mine did the same thing when I try to take off in Alt Hold mode. Maybe double check all of the motors and props again and re cal the esc, I thought all mine were right but when I redid them it fixed my problem.

Ah ok, I’ll try to re-calibrate my ESC. They all looked like they calibrated correctly but, maybe I’m in the same boat you were in. I’ll try it. Thanks

I had this symptom the other day. In my case, I had the ESC connections to the APM in the wrong order… Worth double-checking your wiring.

I checked the order of the ESC by doing the motor test. It all checked out fine.