Quadcopter flipping as soon as it's in the air

I’m having some problems getting my pixhawk mwc quadcopter steadied and need some experienced eyes to take a look at my log file. The one thing that is glaring to me is the desRoll and roll points are no where close to each other. The quadcopter is pretty much instable from anytime it’s off the ground. The COG is toward the rear of the copter but I thought the gyro would handle leveling it out.

flight controller: pixhawk
radio: devo 7 with 3dr ppm encoder
tx: devo 7
frame: mwc reptile clone
esc: 25A hobbywing 4 in 1 esc
compass & gps: ublox
motors: x2212-13 sunnysky kv980 II
apm firmware:

Any help is appreciated.

you need to tune its PIDs, it can’t just fly anything people throw together right out of the box. there are good tutorials on that on this site.

Thanks. Making some progress now.