Quadcopter Crashed but not detected

We were doing a tuning flight, our quadcopter suddenly started wobbling so intiated a quick land, we tried to land but it didn’t landed smoothly, after touching ground it didn’t disarm and flipped. Before crash GCS was showing battery voltage 12.7V. Can anyone help to find actual reason of this crash.

Including log_file

FC: Holybro 6C Mini
GPS: Holybro M9N
ESC: Tmotor F35A
Motor: Tmotor MN3510
batt: 16800mah, li-ion, 11C
Prop: 13"x5"
Weight: 3.2Kgs

Looks underpowered or overweight to me with some motors at max:

Battery doesn’t looked fully charged at take-off. And what kV is the MN3510 motor?

Yes it is MN3510 motor, 700kv

I would suggest a max take-off weight with that configuration of ~2.8kg.

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Any other bugs noticed to you

The Notch filter isn’t configured properly. You have it set for throttle reference but no reference parameter value. And you have FFT running which is doing nothing. So, either configure it for FFT reference or put a value in for throttle reference and disable FFT. And set this INS_ACCEL_FILTER,10

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yeah, Thank you for the valuable clue…

Hi @dkemxr, We went for a basic flight yesterday. Most of the parameters were within limit but XKF3.IVN - XKF3.IVE - XKF3.IVD are crossing limit(1). What is the reason of it and will it affect performance significantly!

here is the log