Quadcopter Crash Log Analysis Request

During my flight, one of the motors on my quadcopter stopped in mid-air and fell to the ground. Can you tell me the reason by looking at the logs
00000030.BIN (484 KB)

(Quadcopter 5-6kg)

Motor number 1 failed. ESC, or motor problem are the most likely but that’s hard to tell from here.

The motor oscillations on this quad are a mess. Some more tuning may help. Battery voltage is also very low.

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As @Allister said you probably cooked the motor with this output oscillation. It’s one of the 1st things you look at after the maiden flight:

Set these:

If it’s still oscillating start dropping the Rate Pitch/Roll PID’s until it stops. Then configure the Notch Filter and run Auto Tune.

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00000053.BIN (848 KB)
I changed the settings you mentioned after the last crash. I changed my PID settings. How do I know if my oscillation values are correct?

By graphing the same parameters in the log that are in the above graph.
This will not produce good results:
Set it back to default.

I changed my ESC, how can I solve this problem?

00000058.zip (961.7 KB)
Is there a problem with my oscillation after my last changes?

Did you graph the Rcout’s and check? What did you find?
Why are you flying in Auto when this craft isn’t even tuned? At this point you should be making hover flights in AltHold to collect data to set the notch filter.
Set these now so you can do that:

You should also read thru this and set the related paramters:
Setting Motor Ranges

We tried to do what you suggested, but our quadcopter couldn’t behave as desired in autotune mode, so we tried to reduce oscillation with physical modifications. Can you please review the logs again?

I would suggest starting over. You have some PID values that don’t make a lot of sense and I wonder where they came from. Reset to default, set the Initial Setup Parameters and move on from there with the standard tuning process. I wonder what you changed because now it shows signs of being overloaded/underpowered.