Quadcopter crash at Loiter - magnetometer/accel/gyro or mechanical motor issue?

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie in Pixhawk. Just flew couple times and today evening right after 1.5min of fly copter just started very fast rotating and crashed down (Before this i had 2 crashes in AutoTune mode when it switched to Yaw tuning and not yet analyzed it).
Can anybody help understand what happen and whats wrong ?
My first look on logs I can assume could be:

  • Some issue with GPS/Compass Fixture (probably from previous crash) - as a result in Loiter it started randomly rotating and dropped drone down
  • Hardware issue with Compass

Attached log:

2017-05-01 18-21-05.bin (1.3 MB)
2017-05-01 18-21-05.log (3.0 MB)

I would like to add following - I had replaced broken parts of frame, but then figured out that one of motor was with lots of dirt, which i cleaned, but it still rotated with force and when i try to spin the motor by ESC - smoke came from him.
The question is - was it die in the fly OR at the ground when crashed … ? By reviewing logs i see acceleration in Z, therefore it’s possible that motor slow speed and drone crashed via spinning down.

I appreciate any help investigating logs. I need to make sure that electronics is fine and that was a mechanical issue of motor.

Problem was resolved. There was broken ESC (Turnigy Multistar 30A), which intermittently stopped motor for 3-4 seconds and then powered up again.