Quad wobbles when throttle is applied

I’m getting a significant oscillation in my quad when I apply throttle to the aircraft. Hovering it’s okay. maneuvering is okay too. But when I give it throttle I get a distinct side to side wobble. The quad is controllable but it’s extremely annoying. I’m flying with an APM 2.8 board.

I’ve tried reducing my roll and pitch I settings to zero. Which doesn’t do anything. Any suggestions? I can post video if necessary and if I need to post any log files that would be great. The forum won’t let me post a .param file. Help!

Oh, and the quad flies like it’s on rails with a CC3D board so I think I must just have a setting wrong somewhere on this board.


Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks, I’m working on figuring out how to download Tlog files. I found them, and clicked “download” -> now to figure out where they actually GO :slight_smile: I will find one and upload it shortly.

I did discover that I was adjusting the Rate settings, not the Stabilized settings, which only offers a P setting. I’ve reduced that and it seems to be helping dramatically.


Okay, my Tlog file from my my last flight is attached. I set the Stabilized P setting down to 1 and the wobble is dramatically less pronounced. But it’s still there, very slight, but still there. Should I further decrease the value?


After hours more of digging I’ve realized that my board only runs 3.2.1 (not 3.3). Marking this as closed (as well) and moving my question to the correct forum. Sorry, wish I could just delete my OP to clean things up.