QUAD slowly descends having no control and crashes three times

  • APM 2.5
  • 3DR Power Module

Flying for 2 years without any major problems
This happened to me three times. Flying fine 3 to 4 lipos then i lose control over the quad and it slowly descends while i don’t have and stick control over it and then crashes.
I don’t have any failsafe activated with LAND mode. Only have transmitter failsafe to RTL.

First two times i was using firmware 3.2.1 and the changed to 3.2 but same thing happened on the third time.

Need any more info please ask.
1.bin (227.9 KB)

3.bin (185.1 KB)

Looks like a hardware problem. Motors get to hot or ESC’s. Can see in the logs that the Throttle out goes to Maximum but the copter continues to fall. It does not have enough power to keep it in the air.

The battery is at about 13 volts and the current seems ok but the copter continues to fall. Motor output is not logged so can’t see what they were doing but I would assume they went to maximum.


I also thought that it might be esc failure. Can you make out which one it might be? Because the 3crashes i had were all the same quad locks up and slowly descends till it crashes
But thinking about it… if it were a esc problem wouldnt the quad just fall out of the sky or at least tilt drastikly to one side and fall?