Quad SITL load new ArduCopter build


I am new here, so this might be a really dumb question. So, I am using the Beaglebone Black with the BBBmini cape. I have written a new mode inside of Ardupilot, and I have successfully loaded into that mode with Mission Planner. But, before I take off, I would like to test the new mode in the simulation. The problem is when I type ‘mode’ in SITL, the mode doesn’t show up.

I am thinking that SITL is loading another build of ArduCopter instead of my build. Is there anyway to make SITL use my build of ArduCopter with the custom mode? The reason I think I wrote the mode correctly is that I was able to boot up the Beaglebone Black, run Ardupilot there, connect with Mission Planner, and switch into the mode. But I am new at this, so I could be completely wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think this is the part where you are confused. I’m 99.9% certain that you are typing that into MAVProxy. Since you haven’t changed it to have your new mode, it won’t show up. You can still change to your mode if you give it the number (e.g. mode 25).