Quad plane without ailerons?

Can a quad plane be setup with just elevator & ruder?

Why not if is it a model that fly well without it? I didnt see anyone but hope its possible

Thanks I will try it unless I here different.
Could I use the quad motors for roll. If not I may have trouble.

I understand that you refer to an airplane designed to fly without ailerons like the old easystar, if you cant fly as conventional plane without ailerons is difficult that you can with a quad and have a good performance.

I want to use a wing only.
I have mounted a tail boom and motor to a quad. I just want to mount the wing on the copter vs. mount the copter on a plane.
The wing I was thinking of is an old aerobird The plane was designed as a beginner aerobatic plane with a V tail configuration. It was the one of the first planes I actually got off the ground but I am not using any parts other than a wing.
That wing its not big enough so I am looking for something 200+ sq inches for the weight of my copter.
I am going to try a V tail configuration.

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I dont read other like this but interesting to follow.