Quad Plane Tail sitter

I’m having trouble understanding the Q parameters to setup a X plane tail sitter. No servo control surfaces. I’ve read the docs many times Tailsitter Planes — Plane documentation but I guess the instructions aren’t simple enough.

I understand the parameters below are key to making this work and my layout is MOTOR_FRAME_TYPE_NYT_X

0:Undefined 1:Quad 2:Hexa 3:Octa 4:OctaQuad 5:Y6 7:Tri 10:Single/Dual 12:DodecaHexa 14:Deca 15:Scripting Matrix 17:Dynamic Scripting Matrix

0:Plus 1:X 2:V 3:H 4:V-Tail 5:A-Tail 10:Y6B 11:Y6F 12:BetaFlightX 13:DJIX 14:ClockwiseX 15:I 16:MOTOR_FRAME_TYPE_NYT_PLUS 17:MOTOR_FRAME_TYPE_NYT_X 18:BetaFlightXReversed

Q_TAILSIT_MOTMX - Bitmask of motors to remain active in forward flight for a ‘Copter’ tailsitter. Non-zero indicates airframe is a Copter tailsitter and uses copter style motor layouts determined by Q_FRAME_CLASS and Q_FRAME_TYPE. This should be zero for non-Copter tailsitters.

I don’t understand how to form a bit mask but all motors will be active in forward flight and quadcopter motors are being used for yaw torque control.

Any help would be appreciated. Also, do I need to assign anything on the servo outputs setup like throttle or motor 1, motor 2 etc? I understand the motors need to connect to M1-M4.