Quad Plane Motor setup (BLHeli 32) ***SOLVED***

Hi guys,

I’ve been chipping away at a Quadplane and the motor tab test has got me stumped.

When I test the motors they all spin at once instead of individually (Q_M_PWM_TYPE = 4,5,6). I’ve used two separate ESC boards (4in1) with the same result on both. They’re updated with the latest BLheli firmware. I’m running Plane 4.2.3

This lends me to think it is a PWM signal error. I don’t have a short (Unplugged signal wires)so I am assuming I’ve skipped a step somewhere. When I set Q_M_PWM_TYPE = 8 the motors operate independently. Any other option they run together. I have SERVO_BLH_OTYPE = 6. I am getting ESC telemetry.

When I run both ESC’s against a Arducopter build the motors run individually and the test is fine using BDshot options.

Any advice is appreciated. I am just reading this wrong and I’m good to go?

Cube orange
Rotor X 60A and Foxeer Reaper 65A

Talon Quad v2.0.param (20.8 KB)

Solved. I had my Q_M_PWM = 1100. That is too high. Motors tested fine when I lowered min PWM below the threshold of 1040 in BLHeli.