Quad Plane Motor Mounting Question

Good day everyone and thank you for reading.

I am thinking of buying the Volantex Ranger 2000mm wingspan or the 1300mm wingspan.

I want to modify it so that the wheels are removed and basically build it “on top” of an X quad. I do not for now want to attach the quad motors to the wings.

What I want to know is what effects 4 quad props will have on the wing when they are mounted below the wing and turning especially when the quad motors are sued for assisted stabilisation

This is really not a very good plane in my opinion. I have one…

read this thread. QuadPlane Conversion of Volantex Ranger EX (Part 2)

You do realize this post is 4 years old?

No I didn’t lol :slight_smile: It showed up so i quickly replied. ha ha

Why these thread don’t show year unless you click on the date.???

Doesn’t matter how old the post is. Thank you for answering.

Ah…so I got shit for no reason. You are alive!!! :slight_smile:

So how did it go? Did you finish your project?


No i did not. I used a Navio2 flight controller with it which was really not a good idea. I got a couple of hovers out of it and one flight which ended with the FC just switching off mid flight. I also had one crash where on a hover lift off the plan just did a 180 and crash so basically destroyed the plane. This also happened with a couple of quads. I think I still have some Google drive footage.

Well, I am working on converting a SkyHunter into a VTOL. I am almost done. I have done really screwy things to make this plane look awesome, and hopefully it will fly as good as I am expecting.

I don’t about others but I have learned one simple principle in life. Stick to FCs, that you know works, are reliable and don’t fail easily. So I own like 20 Pixhawk and Pixhawk 2.1 cubes :slight_smile:

All these FC’s have a long way to go and catch up.

Did you like my COVID-19 Mad Scientist lab? :slight_smile: COVID-19 Inspired Mad Scientist Lab :) - Showcase Yours!

Cool looks good to me. Too bad it failed on you.

Hey I’m also hopping to convert my Skyhunter(1800) into a VTOL! I am having trouble sizing the power system. I am not sure what motors/prop/battery combination I should use for the VTOL motors. my goal TOW is around 6kg

I was thinking of using a power system similar to the one used for this conversion: https://docs.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/frames_vtol/vtol_quadplane_volantex_ranger_ex_pixhawk.html

I figured id ask and see what worked for you. I have to get all the parts to a developing country, so id would be a pain to get the wrong ones.

In my current config I have 2x 5000mAh 4s 25/35C and a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 3542-1250kv for my pusher motor.