Quad Oscillation in Roll

I am having some trouble with tuning the Rate Roll.

The Copter oscillates in the roll axis and get worse when I try to land.
I have halved the PID but its actually worse.

Any advice appreciated.2020-10-17 14-09-58.bin (574.7 KB)

Have you tried using auto tune? Typically when I do it, I start at .05 then .07 and finally .1

Hi Dave,
Not yet because it just not stable enough to do. I will certainly once its reasonably stable.

I did a full parameter reset.
Radio Cal
Mag Cal
Accel Cal

And the copter oscillates 10 degrees or so at about 3 hz only in roll.

Okayee, After a full param reset then flying with oscillations then as per the documentation halving the PID’s its stable :blush:

Hi, "I did a full parameter reset " good idea. One thing to try is to check your esc setting are right and are set to Normal or Dshot. if you using the BHL 32 bit make make sure DShot is selected. But take your props off before you make changes.