Quad Octo Config higher rpm possible?

is it possible to increase the rpm of the lower 4 Motors by 10% for a quad octo for better Efficiency?


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I am building now a X8 copter with the amp 2.5 an would like to use the 3.01 Software.
The Problem is, that the Efficiency is bad if you run the upper Motors(Motor 1-4) und the lower Motors(Motor 5-8) at the same rpm. The Software has to correct the torque for constant yaw(the required power for the upper and lower Motors is not the same). To avoid that, you have to run the lower Motors with about 10% more rpm than the uppers ones.

Is there a possibility to adust the rpms?

That is more like a feature request. You might want to open a bug at github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues

Actually, the PWM output to the motors is much more closely related to power than it is to RPM. In fact, it has a loose connection to RPM at best. Since both the top and bottom motors are being fed the same PWM, they will produce roughly the same power. Since the lower props are operating in the induced flow of the upper props, they will naturally accelerate to a high RPM anyway.

If you put a tach on both props, I think you would see the bottom props are already spinning faster.

So, are you really asking for the bottom props to spin faster (already happening naturally) or do you actually want the bottom motors to receive more power than the upper motors? Do you have any solid evidence that this would make the entire system more efficient?