Quad flying on its own, odd behaviour

I have a 600mm quad, ~700w each motor, 1447 props. Just after take off all seems ok, as soon as i put in althold mode the copter fly like crazy here there up and down. Most scary part is even if i shifted back to stabilize mode but copter started flying on its own, not following the TX commands. By the end of flight i reduced throttle to zero but it kept its flight continued and finally came to ground itself. I was using same APM on F450 and that flied like a charm, so hardware issue seems not there. Can ESC or RX can cause this behavior? Even the gps/compass and telemetry module i shifted from F450.
Pl. see the attached ThrIn/out data and give some feedback.

Would be more useful having .log or .bin files attached than pictures.

Thanks, pl. see the log and bin files attached.