Quad flips on takeoff

Hey all,

For some reason my quad does a violent flip when I am trying to takeoff. I am using an apm 2.5, 18 A OPTO esc’s and powering my board using a 3DR power module (I bought a dji kit, with the frame, motors, and the opto esc’s). I have the jumper removed. A couple of day ago it was working fine! I was trying a different code and then used Mission Planner to install the firmware. I calibrated everything all over, including the esc’s, but it is still flipping. I tried almost everything I found online but nothing really helped! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. It is much appreciated.


Mostly this happens when you connect the ESC´s in the wrong order, or the APM mount direction is wrong.

That worked! Thanks a lot.