Quad flipped during AutoTune

Hi All!
My setup is:
ArduCopter v 4.0.0-rc2
FC: Kakute F7 AIO
ESC: tekko32
Motors: Xing 2306 2450kv
Props: Cyclone T7056C
Battery: 2600mAh 3S
Frame: iFlight XL7 Lowrider v3
Copter was flying good in stabilze mode, it also was flying ok in PosHold mode, with some small vertical osscilations. Then i changed to AutoTune mode and everithing also was going good until quad just made a flip and then…it immidiatly leveled itself . It was fully contrlable and i could land it safely if i wasn’t too scared. Then i examined the quad for any damages and fly it a little more. I noticed that controls became laggy/unresponsive (may be due to new PIDs?)
Controls has normalized after replugging the battery.
Please see the log: https://yadi.sk/d/W5asvrcNJS2yoQ
I read about the DMA problems on Kakute F7 FC, but isn’t they fixed in 4.0?
Or may be that FC is faulty? I had similar problems with this quad before, i just was in hope that Arducopter 4.0 will fix this.
So, where could be the problem?
Thank in advance.

Here is what I find interesting:

I have a 280mm quad with a Kukute F7 with a Tekko32 f3 metal 4:1 ESC

I had a good set of pids on it prior to the AT run, but was testing some new INS_Gyro settings for @xfacta

I got the quad in the sky maybe 4 or 5 meters, flipped the AT switch and off it went. I have a fleet of larger copters that I have run AT on at least a few dozen times (probably more).

In the middle of the AT, the quad just flipped and righted itself, I was totally caught of guard.

I then landed, disarmed and power cycled the flight controller.

I decided it must have been a glitch and went back in the air. A little time into the Autotune, and same thing happened. This time I was watching it. Did one flip, righted itself and continued on with the AT until it was finished.

I am on 4.0.4-dev.

Seems awfully weird we both have the same issue with the same flight controller

Here are my logs


Seems like there are a lot of threads about this same think happening on Kakute F7 boards

Do you think it was because of my bad PID suggestions or something with the Kakute F7?

These look like you got a dycync or something similar. The logging rate is very slow so I can’t be sure.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I was started to think that i asking\doing something completely wrong and therefore getting no replays here.
I think quad goes full throttle for a short moment and this causing a flip.
I have a ~110A current spike in log when flip accured.
May be mot_thst_hover set to 1 for a moment and then recovered or something like that…

I don’t think so. Something else is going on with this board, not just mine. There are a ton of posts about similar issues

I have noticed that some logs don’t get written.

It’s just weird because everything is going fine then… Flip. I was high enough up that it re leveled and all was good. But. Very unexpected

I thought Dshot removed the possibility of ESC desync issues?