Quad flew perfectly until a high speed run

Strange one this.

Copter has been flying perfectly for many flights, but today was the first attempt at a high speed run. After a few seconds into the run it pitched up violently and crashed (expensively).

I’m normally pretty good at log file analysis, but other than higher vibes on the high power sections, I can’t see anything. Can anyone else see anything?

Log files are too big to upload locally, so it is here:

drive.google.com/open?id=0B6kVA … 0FlRXBSTU0

the log ends midair, nothing unusual in the end that havent been seen during flight.
I say it’s a brownout , your +5v is logged as low as 4,5v at best 4.8volt mostly fine. 4.1 is absolute minimum, but it could also have been a bad connection, rather that low voltage.

ESC’s will hold last throttle setting for some time on signal loss, so whatever was commanded at that time - would make them continue for some milliseconds (maybe 100-200?) after AP shut down.

Take advantage of power redundancy on Pixhawk… , and replace the poor power supply you have there, may I guess it’s not made by 3DR ?