Quad Firmware with Octocopter setup


I was wondering if anyone has experimented running quad copter firmware on an octocopter style frame? What I mean is instead of a traditional octo where every second motor spins CCW and every other CW, I want to have motors A and B spinning in the same direction, C and D spinning the opposite, E and F the same as A and B, G and H as C and D?

Basically I want a coaxial quad setup with the efficiency of an octocopter and only require 4 motor output signals.I will split the output signal for motor 1 to the ESCs of motors A and B, the motor signalfor motor 2 to the motors E and F and so on…

Is there any reason this won’t work?



For those that are curious, the aircraft had no problem dealing with this configuration. I don’t think it works properly if you lose a motor though as you end up loading up one of the motors.