Quad (DJI F450) drifts after take-off in stabilized mode


just as a warning: I am a total noob, but I have read a lot in “Tips for new Operators” and “Troubleshooting” et al, yet my (brand new never flown) FlameWheel450 still drifts forward and to starboard on takeoff even if lifted out of ground effect.

I have verified that all motors are properly mounted (plumb), and repeatedly calibrated the accelerometers (verifying the surface with a bubble level beforehand) and and the compass. To no avail!

I came across a section in “troubleshooting” entitled “My ArduCopter Moves In a Direction even though the Stick is Centered” and reference there is made to “RC Trim PWM (HS1_TRIM) and RC Trim PWM (HS2_TRIM).” While there are several entries in advanced parameters that start with “RC Trim PWM”, none references HS1_ or HS2_Trim (Mission Planner 1.3.5) Just to be on the safe side I also recalibrated the RC several times (values look good, both in terms of range and symmetry)

I also physicalle moved two motors around, just to see if that made any difference. It does not

At this point I am pretty lost and frustrated. Any pointers would be tremendously appreciated!


Have you tried autotune and autotrim?

Start with autotrim - when arming keep the tx down and to the right for 15 sec or so until you see the pixhawk (assuming you’re using pixhaw) LED flash between blue/red and green. Then take off, hover for a minute or so until the led goes back to solid green, then land. See if that helps.

I find doing an autotune and then an autotrim usually gets rid of most drift on my f450.

Thanks for the reply… I am sooo newbie, I don’t even know what the “tx” is. I assume the control sticks on my radio???

@crshmstr ,
Yes, he is referring to the joysticks on your transmitter (tx).

Ok, your motors are plumb, the props are all spinning on the same plane and one or more isn’t tilted.

What about your quad’s balance? Looking down from the top, pick up the quad along the front/back centerline with just a finger at each end. Does the quad stay level from side to side or does it tilt to one side? If it tilts, shift your weight accordingly until it stays level. Do the same when picking it up with a single finger on each side. I do this each time I strap on my batteries, and have to shift them slightly as needed.

Autotrim is nice, but I feel it is a band-aid for bad balance. Not only would you have to run autotrim each time you fly, since the batteries will not be placed exactly the same each time, but you are wasting milliamps/flying time using the motors power to offset the bad balance.

hi there… i have the same exact problem… my quad tends to slide (forward) every time i take off.
everything seems to work as it should be. the motors arm correctly. the calibration is ok and i have also(not necassery) gps signal… i try to take off in in stabilize mode and the quad slides away from my even if it is 2-3 meters high, so i don’t think is turbulance effect from motors…
my setup is 450frame, 1000kv motors, 40a esc simonk, and flysky tx with 9ch rx receiver. the total weight of quad including battery (2200mah) is 1249grams also i have the apm 2.6 and 3.1.4 firmware…

any idea what else can be except from bad balance (which is something that i will check) does it has to do with pids tuning…

i programm ch6 in autotune but i am afraid to active it because i don’t think i have the total control of the quad because every time i took off leaves away from me…

sorry for my english… newbie also :confused: