Quad Crashes after thrusting vertically up

Greetings everyone, I have a double problem, I have just finished a quad, with Pixhawk flight controller and Turnigy motors 4240 -750 and turnigy esc, I did all the configurations and calibrations and motor test. And flight test it shot up very fast and when I had it on altitude mode it kept yawing left and throwing tantrums I had it tied with a long rope so it does fly away. I am here uploading the flight bin log. Please help me identify what I have done wrong or what the problem is. The power source, is a 5000 mAH 45C 5s battery.2017-05-20 19-24-08.bin (1.1 MB)
2017-05-20 19-36-20.bin (277.5 KB)

way too much vibrations, you need to balance props properly, and/or provide better damping from the flight controller.

As @Andre-K pointed out you have a vibration problem.
This was the main cause of your vertical climb as you also had the quad in Alt Hold.
Your first test flights should be in Stabilise to test just the airframe and basic control.

Next you have a major imbalance in your build.
Is the Quad balanced around the centre?
You have motors 1 and 2 working flat out and 3 and 4 hardly working at all.
It is more a wonder it got off the ground at all.
So you have some build issues you need to sort out.

Thanks Mike do you thinks the vibration is from the motors or the
way the flight controller was mounted, used a soft foam similar to
the 3M foam used by 3DR though my foam stretches the entire bottom
surface of the flight controller. I have ordered for the 3DR type foam vibration damper
any suggestions.

The first thing you look at for vibration is the props, followed by the motors, then airframe.

How easily do your motors twist or flex on their arms?
With the props off, how much vibration do you get from the motors?
Are the props balanced?
Do they flex?

Best to sort out the actual vibrations than just try to mask them from the flight controller.
But better damping will help.
A lot of people get by with foam damping, but on solid smooth frames.
I have always found better damping is required than foam for smooth operation.

The long rope tied to the quad would have caused a motor imbalance .

Greetings People thanks a million for your input and trying to get me back in the correctly
Yes I have COG at the center , but the vibration you mentioned might have moved the
battery some what and the COG either fwd or rear let me attach a clip and this might aid
you in trouble shooting the event.
kindest regards

Greetings after rebuild I tried to lift off but it tried to flip over side ways
I went back and did my recalibration of the both the radio and ESC on coming back
now the front want to lift off before the aft which maybe trying to flip backwards.
I don’t know if I had accidentally moved the trims on the transmitter I am using spectrum
Dx7s please is there a way to reset it to the factory default values.
kindest regards