Quad Crashed, Please help me with log file

I have just upgraded to ardupilot from kk2. Had a test flight using Stabalize, Altt Hold and RTL. Everything went very smooth, after that I went for Auto Mode and made a very small mission (60 meters, just to aquire some alltitude, a little bit right and RTL).

The quad went to the desired alltitude, drift right a little bit and suddenly fell down from there (approx 25 meters), broke its frame, GPS stand, a dent on the lipo etc.

I have downloaded log file from the APM, as I am a new user I cant decode log file, please help me with that so I could know what went wrong and it doesn’t happen to me again2017-10-01 17-59-06.bin (109.3 KB)

based on your log, around the line 2750 the roll and pitch attitude control starts to diverge. you can see this by plotting Roll and DesRoll. the same happens for Pitch and DesPitch. your log does not include RCOUT which are motor outputs. but most probably a mechanical failure like propeller loosening can lead to the crash.

why are you using Arducopter 3.2.1? (which is very old)

what do you mean by ardupilot 3.2.1, is that the firmware that I have uploaded on apm because I also had the same doubt because while uploading the firmware the system told me that your board is retired and it will upload the last known firmware for it but I have purchased a new APM 2.8 board so how could it be retired.

Lot of confusion here, can u please tell me from the log which apm board I am using.

Thanks in advance
Vishal Ahuja

Sorry for you, but your APM is an OLD card (2013 design). Maybe new from the factory, but not up to date. Software dev is closed since Feb 2015.


3.2.1 is the version of the Arducopter software. The board you have is called APM. the board cannot be flashed by newer version of arducopter that is why they call the board retired. However, arducopter 3.2.1 is stable and you can have stable flight with it.
I believe a mechanical failure was the reason of your crash. when you found the quad, were all propellers on the motors or some of them were not?

Thank u guys for your support.

Yes all the propellers were very firm on the motors but broken from the sides due to fall. What I can recall when I was seeing it fall is that 2 of the motors were running and 2 were not, I am not very sure but I think I have seen that 2 of its propellers were not running.
All of my 4 Esc’s are working fine after the crash. 2 motors are working perfectly, 1 motor is jerking and 1 has its wire broken from inside of the motor (most probably due to crash) so it could not be fixed.
I think 1 or 2 of the motors got some problem in the air. What u guys say ?

As I said, you need RCOUT log to know about motors performance. Try to enable logging most of variables by changing log_bitmask parameter. more info: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html