Quad crash (second time) 3.4.4-rc1

I crashed a second time, after having changed a motor (M3) and foamed the cables (to prevent any vibration through the wires to the controller), I went to fly a few hours and after taking off, the two Minutes flying, the quad crashed for no reason. Exactly the same as the other time.

19.BIN (1.3 MB)

I can’t see anything specific as a problem, but something is going on. You can see before 2 minutes, there was a moment when pitch, roll, and yaw were all lost by nearly 20 degrees. The crash later looks like the same issue, it just didn’t recover. Could be something in the drive system, esc, etc.

Hi Jeffrey,

In the other log in 3.4.4-rc1 Beta test, i putted other log and the time of flight is more o less the same around 2 minutes. I found one motor with a bit vibrations and i thinked that could be this but has you can see, crashed again. I checked all (motors, esc, wires, pdb…) and i cant found why happend this.

As i broken 2 arms in the last flight, i go to rebuild all with new frame, new motors, new esc…