Quad copter title before take off


In a previous topic I was asking why my motor did not start at the same time. But after some interesting answer I realise that it was not an issue.

So here is a new topic to try solve my issue. So I have enable full log.
What happen is that whenever I try to take off my quad copter it tilt nose down and the propeller touch the ground so I can not take off. See the log file attached.

I am not very familiar with the logs so if someone could help me understand what is the issue.

Thanks in advance.

you say it tilts nose down (I can see it pitching in the log…more on that later). The RCOut logs show motors 1 and 4 rising (the right hand motors), I was expecting to see motors 2 and 4 rise as they are the rear motors.

Your pitch log goes positive too, I am pretty sure positive pitch mean pitch up/back! Opposite to what you have said is happening.

Are you sure the motor layout is correct and are you sure the flight controller is oriented correctly (physically or configuration wise)? Although AHRS Orientation in you log is 0 for default orientation.




Hello - do you have calibrated your esc’s ? it could be an issue either for diferent time of motor start. Check your motor layotu as mentioned by RabbitStu too (I’v get this issue too , but that was case of bad CoG - calculation was right but i’v not installed my gimbal for first tests (to prevent damage) , second issue was leg stuck in ground or loose prop shaft)