Qstabilize wrong

My diy plane is tailsitter with firmware V3.8.5 . After parameter were set up, I checked how elevon work with FBWA mode. Elevons were deflected correct,but in Qstabilize mode is reversed. What happen with this?

parameters are
AHRS_Orientation = 2 (yaw 90)
Q_FRAME Class = 10 (tailsitter)
servo1 = 78 (right elevon) and reverse
servo2 = 77 (left elevon)

What is the value of parameter Q_TAILSIT_INPUT?
By default, you get multicopter mode: http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/parameters.html#q-tailsit-input-tailsitter-input-type

It’s 0 (multicopter mode). I tried to reverse RC1 but the result is same.

ok i checked it again. It’s correct now. I misunderstood that it’s wrong. Because i checked by change plane orientation rapidly. haha Thanks so much :slight_smile:

No problem, this is definitely a confusing issue.
Glad it makes sense now.