QStabilize Outputting to Ailerons/Elevators/Rudder instead of Motors

I’m trying to build a VTOL quadplane. As is standard, Servo5-Servo8 has functions of Motor1-4. I’ve armed the plane and set it to the QStabilize mode. When I tilt the pixhawk autopilot board, Ch1out,Ch2out, and Ch4out change (changing ailerons, elevators, rudders) instead of changing Servo5-Servo8 outputs.

Is the aircraft armed or disarmed?

In the disarmed state, you will see those servo movements on the control surfaces. I think it does that to demonstrate “stabilize is working” even when the motors are not spinning.
If you haven’t yet, try arming the motors, and the servo movement should stop.

Yes the motors were armed!

Update: Changing the ESC protocol to dshot fixed the issue. Thanks for your help!