QPlane sudden descent in Qloiter

Hi, Having some issues today where the aircraft will suddenly descend about 15m for no apparent reason - when throttled up to max it can just catch itself but something isn’t right.

We’ve replicated this behavior in both Qhover and Qstabilise - this issue only started today but it has happened on all 3 flights - the previous flights last week have not not had this issue with no change to hardware or the Ardupilot parameters.

Looking at the logs motor 3 and 4 seem to decrease a large amount with the other 2 increasing slightly - can’t see any yaw issues that might cause this?

I’ve linked the log file for the event in stabilise - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kRWjfAprlV5EpDVYTlEpnAHKba3NkKKP/view?usp=sharing

Thanks James

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