QPlane first flight, yaw needs more tuning?

Hey Guys,

i did my first qplane flight a few minutes ago, 3.9.0 pix2.1. I was almost pieeing myself :smiley:
Yaw was not very stable, so i added 2° angle mounts for the motors prior flight. Now its a bit better.

Transition VTOL->plane was ok, but took a bit long what to you think?
the yaw to the left was due to the motor torque. Maybe make the trottle up more slow/smooth any idea?

Transition plane ->VTOL looked good but than an unwanted yaw rotation :confused:
looks like one motor saturated, on 1954 (why not Q_THR_MAX_PWM 2000 ?)
Would be awesome if you could have a look at the log and give me some advice on yaw and on general !
Maybe i add 3 degree angle mounts, because hover looks quiet good i think.

@tridge thanks for your awesome work :slight_smile: i follow you since Samba and i love rsync !

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