Qiotek Zealot H743 firmware upgrade problems 4.4 -> 4.5.1 with mission planner not QGC

Just an FYI - the Qiotek Zealot was unable to be upgraded via Mission Planner on Windows to 4.5.1

Tried 3 (windows) computers, 3 different USB cables. Latest MP etc, different USB ports etc.

Issue during the firmware upgrade - it didnt get past “Scanning Comports” then timed out with ERROR: No Response from the board. I upgraded the bootloader (ignored the bricking warning). That bit upgraded without drama in 5 sec flat. The board easily reconnected via mavlink after the comport no response message at all stages. The board is solid, no issues to date.

Workaround/solution was to do the upgrade with QGroundControl, which just worked.

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Reboot the computer. There is a odd issue with flashing and the USB ports. I also found force bootloader will work.