QGroundcontrol with xCraft x plus one

Trying to use QGC with the plus one. I’m not having luck calibrating the GPS / compass. What I really need to know in order to start, is how to orient the x plus one for what is called level flight. Is the unit in quad copter mode, with all rotors up, “level flight”, or is it oriented with the major wings horizontal and the GPS receiver on the bottom. If I knew this, I could click through the orientation of the compass. And I would know what positions are pitch, yaw, etc.

As far as initial configuration, what “airframe” should I choose … quadcopter?


So you didn’t read what I linked to in your other post? Of course it’s not a quadcopter.


If you installed the PX4 Flight Stack in QGC rather than ArduPlane then you are in the wring forum.