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QGroundControl use of new custom widget MAV Command

(Rojas0160) #1

I am trying to perform a mission in which a Fixed Wing aircraft first loiters for an unlimited amount until specified otherwise. At some point I wish to instruct the Fixed Wing aircraft to continue to the next Waypoint in the list, perform the remaining mission items and end in a loiter unlimited command . As an example the Waypoint plan would look as such:

NAV: Loiter Unlimited
NAV: Waypoint
NAV: Waypoint
NAV: Waypoint
NAV: Loiter Unlimited

I would like to keep the initial and final loiters in the mission plan rather then to invoke the loiter unlimited command whilst in MANUAL mode and then start the mission. Either way, I am seeking functionally similar to APM Planner where you can redirect the MAV to another Waypoint in the list from the “Actions” tab.

Has anyone tried something similar or a suggestion on the MAV Command widget I have to create to get this functionality?

Thank you ,


(Bill Bonney) #2

You can use ‘Other’ to enter the command using its numerical ID, or easier would be to use APM Planner2.0 which supports these extra mission options.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: