QGroundControl Stable 3.4 released

High level release notes here: https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/releases/release_notes.html. Builds available at http://qgroundcontrol.com, Google Play and iOS App Store.

  • Settings
    • Offline Maps
      • Center Tool allows you to specify a map location in lat/lon or UTM coordinates. Making it easier to get to the location you want to create an offline map for.
      • Ability to pre-download terrain heights for offline use.
    • Help Provides links to QGC user guide and forums.
  • Setup
    • Firmware Ability to flash either PX4 or ArduPilot Flow firmware.
    • PX4 Pro Firmware
      • Flight Modes Specify channels for all available transmitter switches.
      • Tuning: Advanced Initial implementation of vehicle PID tuning support. Note that this is a work in progress that will improve in 3.5 daily builds.
    • ArduPilot Firmware
      • Power/Safety Support for new multi-battery setup.
      • Trad Heli New setup page.
  • Plan
    • File Load/Save New model for Plan file loading which matches a standard File Load/Save/Save As user model.
    • Load KML Ability to load a KML file directly from the Sync menu. You will be prompted for what type of Pattern you want to create from the KML if needed.
    • Survey Better support for irregular shaped polygons.
    • Corridor Scan - Create a flight pattern which follows a poly-line. For example can be used to survey a road.
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern
      • Landing area visually represented in Plan.
      • Landing position/heading can be copied from Vehicle position/heading.
    • Terrain
    • Edit Position Set item position from vehicle position.
  • Fly
    • Pre-Flight Checklist You can turn this on from Settings. It provides a generic checklist to follow prior to flight. Expect more feature to appear for this in 3.5 daily builds.
    • Instrument Panel
      • Many new values available for display.
      • New Camera page which provides full camera control. Requires a camera which support new MavLink camera specification.
    • ArduPlane Much better support for guided commands including QuadPlane support.
    • High Latency Links Support for high latency links such as satelitte connections. Limits the traffic from QGC up to Vehicle on these links to reduce cost. Supports HIGH_LATENCY mavlink message. Supports failover back/forth from high latency to normal link with dual link setup.
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The new heli setup works great!

I’ve noticed with CUAV V5 it doesn’t recognize the board except for PX4. And can’t get it to load a ChibiOS .apj or .hex build. It can only “see” a .bin. So still have to do the build locally here to get the .bin to load it, as only the .apj and .hex are in the ArduPilot firmware downloads.


When I plan and try to upload a mission on my Android tablet I get a warning that the param4 value is invalid.
The value reads ‘–,--’ for all the waypoints. I have to manually change all param4 values to 0 before I can upload. Is there a solution for this ‘problem’?

Best regards,

Jan Willem
The Netherlands

I’m working on a fix. Should be available in a few days.

Is this with latest daily that supports flashing ChibiOS onto PX4 style boards?

If any folks here ahve the ability to build there own QGC and do testing, the pull is here: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/pull/6789

Hi Don,
No, I was just testing the latest stable release to see if it supported yet or not.

ChibiOS will only be in daily. Too large of a change for Stable.

Important Update: There is a bug in QGC 3.4 which can cause the altitudes in mission items to sent to the vehicle as 0 when the ui still shows a good value. The easiest way to reproduce this is to:

  • Add the first Takeoff item to a mission
  • Change the Takeoff item to a Waypoint
  • Add a new waypoint item

All subsequently added waypoint items will show in the UI with a reasonable altitude but will be sent to the vehicle as 0 height which can cause a crash.

Standard mission creation where you add the first item which is added as a Takeoff (leave it as Takeoff) and then add subsequent waypoints is working fine.

Issue details are here: https://github.com/mavlink/qgroundcontrol/issues/6823. A new 3.4.2 which fixes this will be available in a few hours.

QGC Stable 3.4.2 has been released which fixes the waypoint altitude bug.

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