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QGroundControl Stable 3.4 released

(DonLakeFlyer) #1

High level release notes here: Builds available at, Google Play and iOS App Store.

  • Settings
    • Offline Maps
      • Center Tool allows you to specify a map location in lat/lon or UTM coordinates. Making it easier to get to the location you want to create an offline map for.
      • Ability to pre-download terrain heights for offline use.
    • Help Provides links to QGC user guide and forums.
  • Setup
    • Firmware Ability to flash either PX4 or ArduPilot Flow firmware.
    • PX4 Pro Firmware
      • Flight Modes Specify channels for all available transmitter switches.
      • Tuning: Advanced Initial implementation of vehicle PID tuning support. Note that this is a work in progress that will improve in 3.5 daily builds.
    • ArduPilot Firmware
      • Power/Safety Support for new multi-battery setup.
      • Trad Heli New setup page.
  • Plan
    • File Load/Save New model for Plan file loading which matches a standard File Load/Save/Save As user model.
    • Load KML Ability to load a KML file directly from the Sync menu. You will be prompted for what type of Pattern you want to create from the KML if needed.
    • Survey Better support for irregular shaped polygons.
    • Corridor Scan - Create a flight pattern which follows a poly-line. For example can be used to survey a road.
    • Fixed Wing Landing Pattern
      • Landing area visually represented in Plan.
      • Landing position/heading can be copied from Vehicle position/heading.
    • Terrain
    • Edit Position Set item position from vehicle position.
  • Fly
    • Pre-Flight Checklist You can turn this on from Settings. It provides a generic checklist to follow prior to flight. Expect more feature to appear for this in 3.5 daily builds.
    • Instrument Panel
      • Many new values available for display.
      • New Camera page which provides full camera control. Requires a camera which support new MavLink camera specification.
    • ArduPlane Much better support for guided commands including QuadPlane support.
    • High Latency Links Support for high latency links such as satelitte connections. Limits the traffic from QGC up to Vehicle on these links to reduce cost. Supports HIGH_LATENCY mavlink message. Supports failover back/forth from high latency to normal link with dual link setup.

(Chris Olson) #2

The new heli setup works great!

I’ve noticed with CUAV V5 it doesn’t recognize the board except for PX4. And can’t get it to load a ChibiOS .apj or .hex build. It can only “see” a .bin. So still have to do the build locally here to get the .bin to load it, as only the .apj and .hex are in the ArduPilot firmware downloads.

(Jan Willem) #3


When I plan and try to upload a mission on my Android tablet I get a warning that the param4 value is invalid.
The value reads ‘–,--’ for all the waypoints. I have to manually change all param4 values to 0 before I can upload. Is there a solution for this ‘problem’?

Best regards,

Jan Willem
The Netherlands

(DonLakeFlyer) #4

I’m working on a fix. Should be available in a few days.

(DonLakeFlyer) #5

Is this with latest daily that supports flashing ChibiOS onto PX4 style boards?

(DonLakeFlyer) #6

If any folks here ahve the ability to build there own QGC and do testing, the pull is here:

(Chris Olson) #7

Hi Don,
No, I was just testing the latest stable release to see if it supported yet or not.

(DonLakeFlyer) #8

ChibiOS will only be in daily. Too large of a change for Stable.

(DonLakeFlyer) #9

Important Update: There is a bug in QGC 3.4 which can cause the altitudes in mission items to sent to the vehicle as 0 when the ui still shows a good value. The easiest way to reproduce this is to:

  • Add the first Takeoff item to a mission
  • Change the Takeoff item to a Waypoint
  • Add a new waypoint item

All subsequently added waypoint items will show in the UI with a reasonable altitude but will be sent to the vehicle as 0 height which can cause a crash.

Standard mission creation where you add the first item which is added as a Takeoff (leave it as Takeoff) and then add subsequent waypoints is working fine.

Issue details are here: A new 3.4.2 which fixes this will be available in a few hours.

(DonLakeFlyer) #10

QGC Stable 3.4.2 has been released which fixes the waypoint altitude bug.