Qgroundcontrol prob's with ADS-B

Hi every one,ive started using Qgroundcontrol and in general like it,ive got the cube orange with the ADS-B carrier board and am having probs getting it to work with Qcontrol,a yellow bar comes up saying unable to connect ive set every thing up I read something about a dongle not sure want that is,have checked the ads-b box in the common set up page but not sure abot other box,it works o/k on mission planner sorry for being a pest,many thank’s in advance p/s have 4.1 downloaded on my tablet

Is that is your setup, do not check ADSB Server on the general settings page. That is for something else. I’ll change it to make that more clear. Also you need to be using a QGC version > 4.01.

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Thank you Don,great support as all ways have A great weekend

Hi Don,I think all working now going by mavlink inspector just need some planes to fly near by nighty night as we say in scotland