QGroundControl for iPad help needed

I download a new version of QGC onto my iPad a few days ago, it is version 4.0.10
I can’t get any maps to show, just a blank page. I downloaded a mission from the copter and it shows the waypoints and connecting lines between the waypoints but alas on a blank canvas. I assume that I have missed some parameter in the general or global settings. I hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance.

Maybe it is better if you write in the appropriate section.

Pray tell what is the appropriate section,


Thanks from another old gazer

Thanks from another old “gazer”

My other hobby…

That is a serious bit of gear but I don’t have a clue what it might be. Maybe it is able to take photos through a brick wall? My main hobby is model planes and the ever losing fight with technology. But what can one expect when one is an octogenarian.


BTW what is a Gazer?

Star Gazer/Astronomer

Its a Meade 2080 8" diameter Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with a thermo-electrially cooled CCD imaging camera, an optical guide camera, a custom data/USB/dew heater control hub mounted on a Meade LXD-75 computer controlled tracking mount.

Do you an internet connection? You need that for maps.

Thanks though I have internet the connection can be very dicey. I hope that your answer solves my problem.

Look in the Console page of the Application Settings view to see if you are getting any errors there.

Thank you DonLakeFlyer. I succeeded with the map download at 5:00am, good time for reasonable internet connection. So thank you for your help.
Further you wrote “Look in the Console page of the Application Settings view to see if you are getting any errors there.” I must admit I am at a loss where to find the Console page and I assume it is part of QGC, can you find the time to enlighten me on this issue.

Thank all who replied to help me solve the issue


Thanks, I won’t take up more time as others need help as well. I have a lot of questions to ask and would like to correspond via email with anyone who has knowledge and time.

Thanks again guys