QGroundControl does not work on iOS

Does QGroundControl work on iOS at all beside showing a pretty UI? I have been trying to connect to my UAV through MAVlink using an mRo (Sik) radio plugged into either iPhone or iPad via an OTG adapter. It doesn’t work. Is there a different way that iOS devices are supposed to connect to the autopilot other than using a Sik radio?

Sure, WiFi. Works fine. Limited usefulness with limited range but ESP8266 radios can be useful for setup/configure/calibration purposes.

QGC on iOS only works by wifi. The adapter that @dkemxr suggested, or if you have radio systems like RFD TXMODV2, Dragonlink V3, or Crossfire (various version) with wifi set up then it will work.

I agree that an OTG cable to a SIK radio would great but Apple…

OK, thank you guys for the replies. I will switch to Android so I can use the telemetry radio and full MAVlink over a longer distance than WiFi.

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