QGroundControl and Mavproxy to control gimbal

I’m a newbie (for the most part) that is trying to control just a gimbal (Gremsy Mio) with a laptop and a knockoff Playstation controller. The gimbal will be on a UAV that isn’t compatible with the Gremsy Mio Gimbal, so I was planning on utilizing the Jetson Xavier NX that we have as part of our payload. The idea is the Jetson would run Mavproxy to pass through commands sent by the laptop through the QGroundControl software. I’m running into issues with connecting the gimbal to the Jetson at all, and now I’m doubting if the whole process will work.

I mainly just want to know if this overall process should work or if we should attempt a different method to command the gimbal with the laptop.

Looking for the same functionality. Did you find anything?