QGroundControl and APM:Rover

If I connect to an APM Rover with QGroundControl and I load up a series of waypoints, pressing the launch button or the “play” button has no effect. I get “Unsupported command”. Is this a Rover problem or a QGroundControl problem?

I don’t think it’s good to try QGroundControl with ArduCopter, Plane or Rover. It uses “mavlink” so supposedly it’s compatible but I think you’ll have much better luck with mission planner. If the problem with mission planner is that it only runs well on Windows then it’s probably best to try the APM Planner2.

You can find the download for APMPlanner2 for windows and mac here. It’s not officially released yet, it’s only in beta testing.

hmm…i posted a reply but it seems to be gone.

In short (‘cuz i’m writing it for the 2nd time) is that I wouldnt’ recommend trying to use QGroundControl with ArduCopter, plane or rover. If the issue is that you’re not running on Windows then I’d recommend giving the AP Planner 2 a try. It’s not officially released but there are some links to mac and windows versions here.

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