QGround CUAV-HACK-LINK-2_4G-UAV-Digital

Is this a product to be able to connect with Qground Station and see FPV image? It’s a 2in1? Does anyone know him?

I want to know if this device offers me FPV and telemetry 415 or 915? Or FPV soil? O Only telemetry?

Https://www.banggood.com/CUAV-HACK-LINK-2_4G-UAV-Digital-Link-System-HDMI-PPM-Mavlink-Data-Transmission-For-PIXHACK-PIXHAWK-p-1130256.html?rmmds= Search

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hello ,sorry if I am offtopic … I am also looking for some good integrated RX TX OSD video transmition for pixhawk … like lightbridge …
has anybody here tryed this cuav hack link … or are you using smoething similar

This Hack Linck should provide telemetry and video on 2,4 Ghz. The data are received by a ground station which is also a wifi access point. You can then connect your pc or android device with wifi, and have the telemetry and video in QGC.
That’s all I’ve understood about this device.

I’ve ordered one, and will tell you my experience when I will have receive it …

Hi @Yes21,
How about the experience about this product?