QGround Control, Firmware, etc

Hello. I’m a little confused and hoping someone can help.
I’m starting a VTOL Tilt Rotor project and an trying to follow QuadPlane and Tilt-Rotor docs, but it doesn’t make sense when I look at the Parameters in QGroundControl. I flashed the latest PX4 Flight Stack and accessed the Pixhawk with QGC. I selected the Firefly 6, and everything seems to be going well, but the parameters do not resemble the parameters dictated in the docs. The docs mention “Q_Enable” and other Q_ references, and I don’t see them.
Am I doing something wrong?
I’m thinking that it is my confusion between Pixhawk and Ardu.
I am totally new to Pixhawk, Ardu, etc. I have worked with Eagle Tree Vetor and iNav, so I know that i am capable. I might just need some hint.

PX4 flight stack and ArduPilot are very different, although QGC can load both.
The parameters you’re looking for are in ArduPilot (and you’re in the ArduPilot forum), so I’d start by flashing ArduPilot to your Pixhawk :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been messing around and reading, and I came to the conclusion that you suggest. I flashed ArduPlane and have started to figure it out.
I am also realizing that I have a lot to learn, but it seems like there is a lot of community involvement and help.
Thanks again.

No worries.
You’re right - it can get complicated and there’s a lot to learn. But there’s usually someone here who can help, and I think it’s pretty fun/interesting to figure things out as you go.